Mathsmate sheet 4 Q22


I  predict in this problem that i will use addition.


The sum of four consecutive whole numbers  is 94. What are the four numbers?


In this problem i had nothing to clarify.

Big question

What are the four numbers?

mathematical toolbox

Guess, check and improve


In this problem i solved it by guessing four numbers i started with the numbers 22,23,24 and 25 and i added them together and got 94. So thats the answer.


I got my prediction correct because i pick addition and i used addition.

Mathsmate sheet 3 Q22


I predict that this will involve addition.


The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the three numbers?


I had nothing to clarify.

big question:

What are the three numbers?

mathematical toolbox:

Test all possibilities


To solve this problem i had to get three consecutive number’s i guess and check until i  eventually got 31 , 32 and 33 which added up to 96.


I got my prediction correct because i used addition.

Mathsmate Sheet 2 Q #22


I predict that this problem is going to use the strategy guess, check and improve.


Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. The left and right page numbers added to 333. What were the page numbers.


There were no words that i didn’t understand.

big question:

What were the page numbers?

mathematical toolbox:

Guess, check and improve


333 was the page number so i subtracted and added 1 on each side to get 332 and 334 as the answers.


I got my prediction correct because i picked Guess, check and improve.

My Body, My life Reflection

What were the 3 most important things I’ve learnt about my research skills since completing this project?

  1. To not rely on one website but to explore other website for different sources of information.
  2. To always remember to put a bibliography.
  3. I’ve been able to put the research in my own words better.

How can I improve my group work skills?

By communicating better so everyone in the group is on the same page and everyone knows what to do.

What goal do I have for semester two in regards to my integrated studies?

To have a better understanding of the topic that is giving to me.

mathsmate problem term 3 sheet 1 Q22


I predict that this problem is going to use the strategy guess,check and improve.


The sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. What are the two  numbers?


In this problem i had nothing to clarify.

Big question:

What are the two numbers?

Mathematical toolbox:

The strategy i used was guess, check and improve.


I guessed 46 and 45 and that didn’t work so i went up a couple of numbers and got 48 and 49 and it worked so that was my answer 48 and 49.


I got my strategy right because i used guess check and improve.

100 WC #39

 but I wondered what I would do if a giant box full of money came out of sky and nearly hit me in the  face. I would probably get a giant pair of scissors an open it  and take all the money so then i can get a money machine that will give me more money and i would use that to make more money machines. Then i would give all my  money  to people who need much more money than me. I will still be rich because i will still have the money machines and i will keep giving money to people who need it more than me.

Mathsmate sheet 6

Question 24 Sheet 6 Term 2

Prediction: I predict this question is going to be a guess, check and improve problem question.

Read: In the addition problem shown below, each letter represents a different digit from 1-9. If R=8, what number does FOUR stand for? TWO + TWO = FOUR

Big Question: it is asking you what FOUR is and if TWO is numbers from 1-9.

Mathematics Toolbox:   I used guess, check and improve.

Solve: if R=8 then FOUR would become FOU8. O+O=8 so O=4. F4U8. I made W=3 so U=6.  T+T=4, I tried 2+2 but there was still F left so I made T=7. So FOUR= 1468. TWO= 734.

Summary: I used guess, check and improve as a strategy and I figured. TWO + TWO = FOUR and FOUR = 1468.

100 WC #36

There was a very expensive polar bear who live in the store window in the city it was always waiting for hes long lost buyer who would buy him then he could leave and live in a happy, happy family and survive forever because he was a polar bear and polar bears will live forever because there polar bears and you cant tell them what to do. The next day he had to get sold or he will get destroyed. That day a buyer came and bought the polar bear. They lived happily ever after. THE END

mathsmate sheet 2

Predict: I predict this question will involve division.

Read: Two compasses cost as much as three protractors. How much are six protractors, if one compass is $3?

Clarify: I had no words to clarify.

Big Question: What is the cost of six protractors?

Mathematicians Toolbox: The strategy I used was guess,check and improve

Solve : To solve this problem I wrote the cost of one compass under the picture then figured if one is $3 then two is $6. I then divided three by six which is 2. So each protractor is $2. To get my final answer I multiplied $2 by six which equals $12.

Summary: My prediction was correct because I did use division.